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Our mission trips are designed as Leadership Ministry Tours (LMT). We have had LMT since 2005, some lasting 4 months to 6 months; this last one was 12 months. These were the early stages of our Leadership Ministry. Every tour has its own challenges and blessings. The name “Solomon” has name recognition as it is associated with Athi River my early childhood city, as a former pastor of Athi River Baptist Church and staff with Campus Crusade for Christ, International (now Cru) in the 1970s in Kenya.

I was ordained a minister of the Gospel in my early twenties (20s) at a time when it was inconceivable for a young man to be involved in religious work as Kenya was going through her transitional leadership from Britain. The new republic needed every educated young person to fill numerous jobs being vacated by the British personnel in both government and private sector. I was mocked and ridiculed by my peers, yet evangelism and church planting were in their prime.

Protasia and I with our three children were airlifted by the Southern Baptists to USA for postgraduate studies for future leadership in East Africa; we settled in Abilene, Texas. First order of business was to raise our family. I enrolled in college for the preparation to return back to our own people to teach and plant churches in East Africa.

Leadership has been a lifetime passion for me. I have studied and followed leaders from all walks of life. The political world is very difficult to penetrate; it is managed by greed and power to eliminate one’s life in exchange for a stolen voter register. Through the ages the world has needed a Moses–Law maker and politician through the prophets to the present age. When Jesus Christ ascended to heaven, he left his disciples to pick up the leadership where he had left it with help of the Holy Spirit.

The disciples were never left alone. The world needed a Peter–the fisherman, and Paul, who was raised from the elite family and the establishment of his day, and to add on to that, Paul was a Roman citizen. We use election years for our Leadership ministry to press for social reforms for the government in waiting. This is our window of opportunity to advocate for godly leadership values to be embraced by all the vying candidates. We stress for moral values in comparison with the incumbent government. Believe me, at this time everyone listens, because no one knows who might be the next leader.

The testimonies of the 1970s re-introduced my family name back to my people after three decades in Texas. It was a good feeling that majority of my classmates and people in general could associate my name to the 1970s. It was as if we picked up from where we left off. Since our returning trips to East Africa, we have witnessed God’s divine intervention, guidance and His hand over our Leadership ministry, at a time when good leadership is lacking in government, churches and the business world. Through it all we have reached thousands for Christ.

Winter of 2009, Protasia and I asked Ms. Lila Farmer of Pipestone, Minnesota and former colleague with Campus Crusade for Christ, to join our team as the coordinator/administrator for International Ministries. Lila, a graduate of Mankato State University, Mankato, Minnesota, joined us with more than 20 years of missionary experience as a high school English teacher in Swaziland, graphic artist at the African Headquarters, Nairobi, Kenya and ministry to professional men and women. She also assumed ministry correspondence and staff development at our home-based operation in Dallas and overseas.

In addition to Lila’s busy schedule she has provided leadership training with Kenyan and Tanzanian women in early childhood development and how to satisfy the needs of disadvantaged children. She maintains a weekly Bible study for working women in 0ur field office in Nairobi, Kenya.

From our home office in Dallas we minister to the international community with the over 70,000 Kenyans who live in the greater Dallas metropolitan community. Lila coordinates our local ministries as we run Leadership seminars for business men and women on civic education, aging and family life. These seminars target minority-nationalized American citizens and people with aging loved ones in which we teach the tenets of a Christ-filled life.  We provide continuous counsel to the special needs of the international community. Through them we work with women, children and the poor in Kenya and Tanzania and help manage our Early Childhood Education College in Muumandu, Kenya.

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