Solomon Institute of Leadership Class Schedule

Course One:  The Apocalypse:  Controversies and Meaning in Western History

Course Two:  Survey of The New Testament

Course Three:  Survey of The Old Testament

Course Four:  Leadership


Week One

Day One

AM:    Lecture 1-       Revelation and the Apocalyptic Tradition

Lecture 2-       Apocalyptic Worldview in Judaism

PM:     Lecture 3-       The Early Christians and Their Literature

Lecture 4-       The Greco-Roman Context

Day Two

AM:    Lecture 1-       Apocalyptic Dimension of Early Christianity

Lecture 2-       Origins of the Book of Revelation

PM:     Lecture 1-       Ancient Judaism

Lecture 2-       The Earliest Traditions of Jesus

Week Two

Day One

AM:    Lecture 1-       Issues Facing Revelation’s First Readers

Lecture 2-       God, the Lamb, and the Seven Seals

PM:     Lecture 1-       Mark—Jesus the Suffering Son of God

Lecture 2-       Matthew—Jesus the Jewish Messiah

Day Two

AM:    Lecture 1-       Seven Trumpets, Temple, and Celebration

Lecture 2-       The Dragon and the Problem of Evil

PM:     Lecture 1-       Luke—Jesus the Savior of the World

Lecture 2-       John—Jesus the Man from Heaven