December 2015 Ministry

December 2015 Ministry


December, 2015

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2016! My heart is filled with joy and gratitude as my thoughts turn to you.

Bishop Mulwa, Lena Kitetu and Pastor Sammy Muindi

Bishop Mulwa, Lena Kitetu and Pastor Sammy Muindi outside our Nairobi Office.

We have much to praise God for. For one, let me introduce Lena Kitetu. In the late 70’s while Dr. Solomon, with his wife, Protasia, was on staff with Campus Crusade for Christ, International (Cru), he also was the senior pastor at Athi River Baptist Church. Lena was his church secretary. She recently retired as an administrative secretary at Utalii, Africa’s leading hospitality and tourism training University Institution in Nairobi.

Retiring from Utalii, Lena was a perfect match for our two para-organizations: Solomon Home For Children/Solomon Center For Leadership in Kenya. I needed her trained skills to aid me with local ministries as we have expanded into Early Childhood Education and Solomon Institute of Leadership. She will be our registrar for Lila Kathryn Farmer Early Childhood Education School and Solomon Institute For Leadership College.  As per Kenya Ministry of Education, we are certified to issue diplomas in Bible/Business/Leadership/Conflict Management and Early Childhood Education. Classes begin in Nairobi while we build the main campus in rural Muumandu. You may see for further information.

We are all about communication and sponsored Lena to be trained in Adobe InDesign, a publishing application, to create, assemble and output documents pertaining to our Institutions. In addition her first project is updating Dr. Solomon’s book, Solomon on Leadership.

Secondly, Pastor Sammy Muindi, a trained Baptist pastor and evangelist is our first principal for LKF School. He is part of a SuperEvangelism team that has planted 9 churches averaging 500 people in Republic of the Congo beneath the umbrella “Grace Evangelical Churches of Kenya” founded 5 years ago by Dr. Solomon Kimuyu. Thirdly, Rev. Bernard, a member of SuperEvangelism is responsible for planting 7 new churches in the Coastal areas of Kenya being a part of the Muslim community. Fourthly, Bishop Mulwa, a pastor of a local church in rural Machakos is our Dean of Students, working on his doctorate.

Preceding 2011 the church of Kenya was NOT aggressively involved in national politics. Western missionaries taught Christians to stay away from politics. Dr. Solomon became convinced the only way to save the county from moral decadence and preserve Judeo-Christian heritage is to advocate all Christians must take a significant role in national politics.

As part of a strategic move he ran for Kenya National Assembly (Parliament) in 2007 and 2013 to lead by example to create a platform to minister to government leaders and law makers. A paradigm shift occurred. Our conference for Bishops on October 26, 2011 yielded more than 28 retired Bishops/pastors in elected offices, Parliament and County Representatives.

During the first week of December, just before returning to Dallas, Dr. Solomon was called by the national opposition leader, Raila Odinga, former Prime Minister to discuss matters pertaining to the deteriorating state of moral authority of Kenya’s political leaders. Dr. Solomon fights for the protection of the Christian church and for assistance in programs for children. Every nation must be responsible for the welfare of her children—–the leaders of tomorrow.

Prayer requests:

  1. We have been asked to look for an interested pastor with a Presbyterian background to relieve a local pastor while he takes a year sabbatical. If you know of someone who could be interested, please let us know.
  2. We prepare to return to Kenya February 19- May 29, 2016.


Lila K. Farmer

Coordinator of International Ministries

Solomon Home For Children/Solomon Center For Leadership

10239 Deermont Trail, Dallas, TX  75243

Cell:  214-385-6363


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March 30, 2016