November 2012 Ministry Update

November 2012 Ministry Update

November 2, 2012


Dear Family,

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I trust you are doing well and enjoying the changing of the seasons. Thank you for your prayers as I had a safe journey to Kenya and have had excellent health.

It is encouraging to see providential events evidencing God honoring your prayers as Dr. Solomon Kimuyu and I seek to carry out the mission and vision that God has called him and his wife to. This week Dr. Solomon located a small storefront shop in the heart of Athi River, next to First Baptist Church of Athi River and near the busy bus stop. It is on the first floor which is also a blessing. When Dr. Solomon and I met with Simon Njuguna, the owner of the shop to review the lease, he curiously asked, “Are you the Solomon Kimuyu who helped bring my brother-in-law and nephews to Texas?” What joy to experience the revelation that he was the man. Dr. Solomon had just seen Simon’s relatives before leaving Texas. Since Simon’s sister has passed away, his family in Texas is very important to him. What a find!

The shop will be the headquarters for the administration of our Mama Boga project. Boga is vegetable in Kiswahili. Jane Mutiso and Agnes Kinyanzui will use the office to administer the loaning of money to women in order for them to have vegetable stands. They will pay back the loan but the interest will stay in the fund, continuing to generate money for more small business women. Jane and Agnes are from First Baptist Church of Athi River, fulfilling civic education through training women to provide for their families by starting small businesses and at the same time creating an environment to share the Good News of New Life in Jesus Christ.

Our office/missionary residence has been full of guests, located 16 kilometers from Athi River, the town where Solomon attended primary school, in the very church he later pastored, First Baptist Church of Athi River. Jane’s husband, Dr. Wellington Mutiso is the pastor and disciple of Dr. Solomon. Dr. Wellington is also the head of Evangelical Alliance of Kenya and leads 18 million evangelicals in Kenya. His office is on the second floor of our office/missionary residence. Friendship is deep as we all worked together in Nairobi in the late 70s, early 80s.

March 4, 2013 is the general elections in Kenya. Dr. Solomon is seeking the seat of Minister of Parliament from Mavoko, a brand new constituency of which Athi River is a part of. He ran for Parliament in 2007 from Machakos and was rigged out. Seeking a political seat enables him to be a Christian example, reaching out to Kenyan Diasposa throughout the world through the internet and his book, “Solomon on Leadership” and gives him the stage on which he is on the same level with other political candidates. Lawmakers impact the little person. He seeks to hold leaders to honesty and integrity. I am his personal administrative assistant. He is the International Secretary of the Labour Party of Kenya and has traveled to Socialist International conferences in Paris, France, Athens, Greece, San Jose, Costa Rica and Cape Town, South Africa. He has found that he might be the only Christian at these conferences and has become friends with leaders in both Israel and Palestine. This group reports to the United Nations and greatly influences decisions that the UN makes. Dr. Solomon has been able to stand up and speak to very serious issues.

If Dr. Solomon is elected to Parliament, he would be able to have more opportunities and more quickly carry out the mission of Solomon Center For Leadership of Super Evangelism, empowering women, taking care of nutritional needs of children and civic and parliamentary education.

Life is serious in Kenya. Recently a grenade exploded in a church in Nairobi and a young boy was killed. This was in retaliation of Kenya military taking over Kismayu, Somalia. The leadership of Kenya is important as it affects every surrounding county, Somalia, South Sudan, Uganda, Tanzania and the Indian Ocean. These countries are Muslim and militant Islamic extremists are attacking innocent Christian churches in Kenya. These countries are also economically dependent on Kenya, receiving food and supplies through Kenya. Please pray as we seek to bring healing in the leadership of the country of Kenya.

On a personal note, included in this letter is a photo taken long ago of the evangelical picture booklet that Dr. Solomon Kimuyu and I helped create to tell the Gospel, correlating it to the African father blessing his son. I thought of this when Dr. Solomon and I visited a family where the 104 year old father had gathered his sons to bless them. Following after the black and white picture is a picture of the family gathering. (in the attached letter)

I will not return to the States until after the March 4th elections. Thank you for your love and prayers.  I pray you enjoy your holiday season and have special times with your family and friends, remembering the true reason for the season.

Pray for continued safety in travels, in health and wisdom as Dr. Solomon and I evangelize, seek to empower women and teach honesty and integrity in leadership

What will separate us from the love Christ has for us? Can trouble, distress, persecution, hunger, nakedness, danger, or violent death separate us from his love?…The one who loves us gives us an overwhelming victory in all these difficulties. Romans 8:35,37

In His Love and Grace,


Lila K. Farmer

Coordinator for International Ministries

Solomon Home For Children, International (based in Dallas, Texas, USA)

Solomon Center For Leadership (based in Kenya)

10239 Deermont Trail, Dallas, TX  75243 USA


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